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Hi everyone, thanks for signing up for my newsletter! In this first installment, I just want to talk a bit about why I started this in the first place. Recently, thanks to the recommendation of Ali Abdaal (in many videos) I read “Show You Work” by Austin Kleon. In the book, he talks about how it’s important to share your process with your audience even if it might seem counter-intuitive or like nobody cares. So in that spirit, I decided to start this newsletter. On my new website: shalevbenita.com you’ll be able to find the previous installments in case you missed them. The book is short and is quite a good read so I’d recommend you guys check it out.
In these newsletters I’m going to be sharing ideas I get throughout the week, insights from a book I read, or just something I found interesting. I’m not going to fool myself into thinking that every newsletter will be interesting to everyone but I’ll try to keep them useful and not just an extra email to mark as read. The idea is that each week I’ll send a short email with an interesting idea that will plant a seed in your brain. Something for your brain to process in the background. And maybe, over time, these seeds will grow into fruitful insights that will be applicable to your life.
There might be some unintended advantages for me from starting this newsletter. Usually, over time people will come across many ideas that they don’t pay much attention to, then if something really smacks them across the head they’ll pay attention. It’s possible that having a newsletter will mean that I’ll be more receptive to thinking about new ideas and analyzing them to a greater extent. Another possible upside is that, as somebody who has trouble staying consistently productive, I’m pushing myself even more by taking on a weekly email newsletter. I’m trying to take a more counterintuitive approach: the more I take on, the more likely I am to keep consistent. Then, over time I’ll change my perception of myself as someone who has trouble with being consistent. Thanks again for joining the newsletter, see you next week.
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Hi Everyone, I'm Shalev a 3rd year medical student studying in Italy. This is my email newsletter, every Friday I'll send out an email with a new idea I had, something I learned, or something I found interesting. I'd love to hear back from you if you have any thoughts about something I wrote.

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